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Marketplace for exclusive goods and services

Find and support local sellers selling exclusive goods and services – African food, beauty products, services, etc.



Lashesdoll doll offers you an eyelashes box 3 in 1 including lashes ,eyelashes glue and tweezers.



The shop for pastries you have always wanted with a little bliss in every bite, at affordable rates. Follow on Instagram for recipes you might like.


Mister Gabby Errand Services

Are you in Russia? Need anything done in Moscow, we are the team for you


Afro Kitchen

We will deliver the best and tastiest African dishes within 24 hours around Kazan and Innopolis. Our foods are prepared by trusted hands with natural and quality ingredients.


First Class Foods

Find the best kilishi and kuli-kuli in one place. Processed and packaged with the highest standards of safety. Delivery around Kazan and Innopolis. Pre-order to other cities.


Doren’s Bites

Doren’s Bites provides a quench to your longing of something worth your money, hand-made beautifully and delicately, just for you. Quality, ah, you’ll ask for more!

To give you the best customer experience;

We are collaborating with the best African goods and service providers at your location to meet your daily needs. 

Find exotic food, foodstuff, clothes, and beauty products

In the shop, we make it easy to find what you need without going through the hassle of searching for it. Whatever it is you need, we have curated it for you and you can search for a product availability based on your city.

Feel at home

Buy, cook, eat, wear what makes you feel at home. This is your home away from home.


Your order will be fulfilled by the vendor closest to you. That way you don't have to wait too long.


Funds are escrowed and only paid out to the vendors upon delivery. That way you have nothing to lose.


Make new orders from old orders or place a standing order to never run out of what you love.

Kwiberry for Business

Order in large quantities at the best prices possible. For local retail, large orders, events, and more. Also, set up your store to sell on Kwiberry.

Want to buy wholesale?

Join our Business Marketplace

Hire African talents in Development & IT, Website and Creative Design, Marketing, Writing, Translation, and more. You can also start a career to earn money with us in your free time and at your pace. 

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